Beach day

Vancouver has been hit with a sun, and you know what that means: Kaitlyn is going to find a beach and lay on it. The weather has been so sunny and warm and it has been perking up my mood. I love it.

Last week, I an and I packed a bag and walked down to Kits beach. We saw many doggos, had popsicles and came home a little burnt. No regrets, though.

The walk down was so pretty. Vancouver is showing signs of summer everywhere.


Once at the beach, we set up our blanket and pulled out the snacks.

IMG_5282IMG_5285Enjoying the sun
IMG_5289Ian’s anti-sun method: raise a hat above your head

The beach was fairly full this day and the sky was blue.


Overall it was a 10/10 day


Hike Review: Burnaby mountain


Vancouver was recently hit with some beautiful sunshine and  I decided to take the most of it by hiking Burnaby mountain. It was a lovely 25 degrees and the skies were blue so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out a new mountain. The Burnaby mountain trail starts at the SFU campus making it easily accessible. If you are travelling by transit you can take any bus from downtown that leads to SFU or the skytrain (Production Way/University Station) and then take the 145 to campus. We took the 95 B-line from from Burrard station and ended up really close to the trail opening. If you drive you can park in the parking lot near the park.


The trail is lush, really nicely maintained, and has nice views until about halfway down. If you take the same route as us (down the mountain then back up to the bus stop) you will be rewarded with great views at the top. The hike is pretty simple until you hit the stairs, of which there are 512. If you decide to hike back up you will have to hike the stairs twice and they are significantly harder on the way back up. At the top of the mountain there is a park with a rose garden, open spaces, a restaurant and a playground, leaving you with many options for after your hike. We decided to picnic under one of the trees because we were in dire need of shade. There are also many dogs, so if that is something you look for (we certainly do) then you’re in luck.


This trail was a nice challenge, especially for the first hike of the year. I would definitely recommend it. However, if you have knee injuries or do not do well with stairs I would suggest doing some of the smaller trails. What trail do you want me to review next? Leave your suggestion in the comments or tweet me @kaitlynabarrett.

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Profile Study: Jenica

This summer I will be working on expanding my photography portfolio. I started by photographing my friend Jenica, both because she was staying with me (access) and because she wanted a new profile picture. It was over the period of two days at four locations. This project was to work on my profile shots. Let me know if you have any recommendations or critiques.

Day 1

Our first location was walking down arbutus street. It’s covered in cherry blossoms right now and made for a beautiful location.


After this we headed down to Kitsilano beach. The lighting was too bright here so I did not get a ton of shots.


Day 2

We started the day with coffee and decided to step into Olive & Ruby. This coffee shop was so adorable I just had to take a picture of her with the plants.


From there we moved to Pacific Spirit Park. I love this place! It’s such a nice place to escape. You may recognize it from some of my other posts.


I thought we were done for the day but when we were waiting for the bus outside of trail, the sun was so lovely that I had to get a few more shots in.


That’s all for my profile focus project. Let me know what I should photograph next!

Desert trail

Some photos I took on a hike back home in the okanagan.

The trail was converted from a railway, so there were iron cans and spikes pilled on the sides.

I’m always amazed by the color of the water here. So pretty.

Kekuli bay, BC 16/04/17


Voodoo Aesthetic Project


For my romance studies class final project I decided to make a photo essay about voodoo aesthetic. I organized it like a fashion spread in a magazine.


In our class we learned that vodou is a religion in Africa and voodoo is a construction made by popular culture. Some of the traits overlap but voodoo is mostly a Hollywood fantasy used in films. It has come to mean magic, curse, dark, spooky. I tried to include all of these elements in my piece.


This project was fun to create and I’m excited to have more free time this summer to create new ones.



Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for new posts below!


Crazy Disappointment

I leave for Vancouver in 2 weeks so I have been trying to fit an entire summer into that time. This weekend we traveled to Revelstoke to check out a tourist destination called “Crazy Creek”. The only thing that is true about that title is that there is a creek.

Let us begin by examining the insane prices. Now I understand that this is a tourist trap, and people have to make money, but this place is insanely expensive. There are two things to do at this attraction: their “hike” to a suspension bridge and their hot pools.

The hike is a 10 minute walk to a small suspension bridge that leads to a gift shop which has a crappy view of a waterfall. If this were free, I would not complain. However, it is not. It is over $9 to go to this bridge. HOW IS THIS WORTH THE $9?? I have no idea. But we payed it, because we are dumb.


We also had ice cream afterwards because my father and sister are afraid of heights, and felt like they deserved an award.

The second attraction, their hot pools were supposed to be hot springs but they were just tiny pools with chlorine. AND IT WAS THE SAME PRICE AS THE HIKE. At least we could spend a few hours there.

Over all it was a fun excuse to leave the house but WAY TOO expensive. Save the money and hike anywhere then go to a public pool basically the same thing.

Roadtrip: a photoset

I needed a break last weekend, so my mother and I decided to take a road trip to a town an hour and a half from ours.


The whole trip was based on spontaneous actions with the sole goal to do a hike. On the way, we saw a winery that we had always wanted to check out but never had the time. We stopped in for a wine tasting then decided to wander through the orchard. They had a beautiful view, and the grapes were starting show their colour.


The winery had a barn with a cool wall so naturally we had a photoshoot. Around this point it started to rain and we could see a storm coming in. We did not lose hope of hiking.

We drove the parking lot of the hike and the sky opened up… It poured. We decided to head back.


On the way home we spotted a heritage village. It was cute but they had half of the town under construction. I had the terrible realization that heritage villages are fake. The buildings were probably built 10 years ago, they are just replicas.

This was a fun trip. I always love driving with my mom. Which is a good thing because I am moving to Vancouver soon! Updates on that will follow shortly.