Profile Study: Sera

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Over the weekend I met up with my friend Sera to check out the Eastside flea (a flea market located in the East side of Vancouver). Entry was $3 but there was so much to look at that it covered the cost of a studio space for shooting. The building has 4 floors worth of vendors selling anything from food to clothes to antiques.


Downstairs we took advantage of the maze of clothes racks but I found that the yellow lighting was a little hard to work with.


Lamps ended up being our best friend.


From there we moved upstairs where we found a super cool neon corner with antiques.


We also found a room with natural light, yay! Unfortunately it was full of people so we had to move on.


Our last stop and my personal favourite was a room full of plants. We love a good plant.


The lighting here was perfecttt.

Sessions with Sera are always super fun but I think having different places to play with made this photoshoot a little more special.

We also had time to be a little silly



Wisdom Teeth Removal- My Story

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Procedure: I was under sedation that is suppose to cause amnesia (only worked for after the surgery not the surgery itself) through pills and had one t-3 and an ibuprofen. I was told to relax but had anxiety. Eventually I calmed down and got into surgery. Could feel them hammering at my teeth and cried. Talk to your doctor and find the right fit for you. I wish I had spoken up more. After surgery I laid around in a haze. I ended up having to rewatch episodes because I forgot what I had watched.

Day 1:

Applesauce, shakes, gatorade

I could barely swallow and was in so much pain that I drank my meals. I basically survived off of protein/ breakfast shakes as they made me feel full longer (2 hours instead of half an hour). For the first 3 days I would take so long to eat/drink food that I would be starving still by the end of the meal. I would definitely recommend staying on top of eating as the hunger hits fast and hard. My jaw felt so tight I could not talk and had a hard time sleeping. I would wake up as soon as the T3 wore off.

T3s, Ibuprofen (both together or slightly apart)

Day 2:

shake, applesauce, pudding, soup, pureed vegetables

This day my jaw was also really painful and tight but I was getting so tired and hungry that I decided to dabble in more solid foods. I found that because I couldn’t chew and I was swallowing solid food, I got stomach aches and acid reflux which made it harder to sleep. I was also still waking up with the T3s wearing off.

T3s, Ibuprofen (Alternate every 4 hours)

Day 3:

Oatmeal, fruit smoothie, shake, mashed potatoes, pasta with pesto, undercooked cookies

The night before I decided to sit upright while sleeping. It was uncomfortable in the moment and did not make for a good night’s sleep but it helped with the morning jaw pain and tightness. I was ravenous this day and needed something to fill me up because eI was nauseous and had an upset stomach. The solid foods really did help with this, as well as the acid reflux. I can’t wait to be back to normal.


Day 4-6:

These days were pretty much the same as day three. I experimented with beans, soft bread and oatmeal but still ate a lot of soup and shakes. My pain has not gotten worse but it also has not gotten better. I also think I might be getting sick with a head cold. I can feel fluid moving in my nose and ears and around my throat. My ears have been in pain for most of day 6. This could also just be the fluid draining from my cheeks slowly; although, my face has not gone down in swelling so it might be something else.

I’m still taking antibiotics and ibuprofen for pain. The ibuprofen doesn’t stop the pain completely but is okay for the daytime. Nights are still hard. I can’t get comfortable and I’m starting to lose hope that I’ll get better. I’m always tired and feel like I could use a nap. Pillows are feeling like rocks and the head cold feeling does not help. On night 5 I did not go to bed until 6 am. It was rough.

I’ve started using heat on my neck and jaw and it has really been helping. The only problem is that the pain comes back as soon as the heat is gone. While cold helped the first two days, it makes things worse now.

I don’t think I have dry socket or anything but I’m still paranoid.


This is my face day 7 post-surgery. The swelling had actually gone down quite a bit by this time if you can believe it haha.

Day 7:

Funnily enough, this day was christmas, and the first real of of sleep I got. I noticed that pain and swelling went down over night and this was the first day I did not have to take painkillers. I was able to eat everything except for nuts and some harder vegetables (particularly raw ones).

I used the syringe to rinse my mouth and I’m not seeing any food coming out of my mouth anymore so I think the holes are starting to heal up.

Weeks 1-2:

I’ve been pretty good post-surgery. My sleep and (almost) eating habits are back to normal. It’s still hard to eat crunchy food but I can feel that my jaw is regaining strength. I am still not eating as much as I was before because my jaw gets tired of chewing. I also cannot open my mouth very wide but I can get two fingers in instead of one. The swelling is completely gone but I still feel occasional soreness in my cheeks if I talk too much or I eat hard foods.

A month later:

I am finally able to open my mouth! I still have slight pains with yawns or hard foods but I can pretty much do everything I could pre-surgery. I did not realize how long I would have holes in my mouth and I definitely still have to clean them out every day. Now instead of using a syringe I just use my tongue.

In review it was a week of hell that seemed to have no end in sight, but like they say, you WILL be alright.



Canyon Lights 2018

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This was my first time attending Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC. I had always wanted to go but December is always a crazy month for me so I never had the chance.

I am so glad that I went this past year because it was magical.


Canyon Lights usually runs from the end of November to the end of January. I would recommend visiting if you have the chance. If you are a BC resident you can get a year long membership when you show your receipt from your first visit! You can come visit this magical wonderland as many times as you like.


Happy adventuring!

Everything Q&A: Get to know me!

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1: What are you wearing?

I am currently in cozy pjs because I am recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery. More on that next week.

2: Ever been in love?

Currently am. If you’ve been following me for a while you might rememberer him. Our 5 year anniversary is on January 7th!
3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yes. I didn’t know how to communicate my needs and eded up breaking things off and losing a friend in the process. No regrets though because I love who I am with now 🙂
4: How tall are you?

5: How much do you weigh?

110 pounds?
6: Any tattoos?

7: Any piercings?

Just one hole on each ear
8: OTP?

Jim and Pam
9: Favorite show?

Parks and Rec
10: Favorite bands?

Arctic Monkeys, Sheepdogs, Childish Gambino, Watsky

11: Something you miss?

Childhood innocence
12: Favorite song?
13: How old are you?

14: Zodiac sign?

Sagittarius but I’ve always felt more like a Capricorn
15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Humor, confidence and Compassion
16: Favorite Quote?

17: Favorite actor?
18: Favorite color?

19: Loud music or soft?

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

The forest or a cozy space
21: How long does it take you to shower?

5-7 minutes
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half
23: Ever been in a physical fight?

24: Turn on?

25: Turn off?

26: The reason I created a blog?

To share my story and have a creative outlet
27: Fears?

Hahah like everything lol
28: Last thing that made you cry?

I cried today in therapy
29: Last time you said you loved someone?

When I was on the phone with my grandparents
30: Last book you read?

I am currently reading the Wheel of Time series. On book number 9 right now. It’s taking me forever but I am trekking on
31: Last show you watched?

The season finale of Riverdale that premiered this week

32: Last person you talked to?

My dad
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My boyfriend
36: Favorite food?

37: Place you want to visit?

Italy, Hawaii, Bali, Salt Spring Island, etc. The whole world basically
38: Salty or sweet?

Sweet all the way but I have to say that when I get a salt craving nothing can satisfy me but salt

39: What instruments do you play?


40: What is a lesson you would like to pass on?

What you are feeling is temporary. It will pass and you will be able to move on. Live in the moment and the future will follow.

Beach day

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Vancouver has been hit with a sun, and you know what that means: Kaitlyn is going to find a beach and lay on it. The weather has been so sunny and warm and it has been perking up my mood. I love it.

Last week, I an and I packed a bag and walked down to Kits beach. We saw many doggos, had popsicles and came home a little burnt. No regrets, though.

The walk down was so pretty. Vancouver is showing signs of summer everywhere.


Once at the beach, we set up our blanket and pulled out the snacks.

IMG_5282IMG_5285Enjoying the sun
IMG_5289Ian’s anti-sun method: raise a hat above your head

The beach was fairly full this day and the sky was blue.


Overall it was a 10/10 day

Mental Health Break

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I’m currently dealing with a lot of anxiety in my life, that I believe to be fairly universal to people in their early 20s, so I thought that I would share my thoughts with you to help some of you feel less alone.
These thoughts have prevented me from posting the past month but I’m hoping that they will also lead me to a new chapter. If you relate to these thoughts, have questions, or advice on how to cope with anxiety leave them below or tweet me. Let’s get a conversation started.

Hike Review: Burnaby mountain

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Vancouver was recently hit with some beautiful sunshine and  I decided to take the most of it by hiking Burnaby mountain. It was a lovely 25 degrees and the skies were blue so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out a new mountain. The Burnaby mountain trail starts at the SFU campus making it easily accessible. If you are travelling by transit you can take any bus from downtown that leads to SFU or the skytrain (Production Way/University Station) and then take the 145 to campus. We took the 95 B-line from from Burrard station and ended up really close to the trail opening. If you drive you can park in the parking lot near the park.


The trail is lush, really nicely maintained, and has nice views until about halfway down. If you take the same route as us (down the mountain then back up to the bus stop) you will be rewarded with great views at the top. The hike is pretty simple until you hit the stairs, of which there are 512. If you decide to hike back up you will have to hike the stairs twice and they are significantly harder on the way back up. At the top of the mountain there is a park with a rose garden, open spaces, a restaurant and a playground, leaving you with many options for after your hike. We decided to picnic under one of the trees because we were in dire need of shade. There are also many dogs, so if that is something you look for (we certainly do) then you’re in luck.


This trail was a nice challenge, especially for the first hike of the year. I would definitely recommend it. However, if you have knee injuries or do not do well with stairs I would suggest doing some of the smaller trails. What trail do you want me to review next? Leave your suggestion in the comments or tweet me @kaitlynabarrett.

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Profile Study: Jenica

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This summer I will be working on expanding my photography portfolio. I started by photographing my friend Jenica, both because she was staying with me (access) and because she wanted a new profile picture. It was over the period of two days at four locations. This project was to work on my profile shots. Let me know if you have any recommendations or critiques.

Day 1

Our first location was walking down arbutus street. It’s covered in cherry blossoms right now and made for a beautiful location.


After this we headed down to Kitsilano beach. The lighting was too bright here so I did not get a ton of shots.


Day 2

We started the day with coffee and decided to step into Olive & Ruby. This coffee shop was so adorable I just had to take a picture of her with the plants.


From there we moved to Pacific Spirit Park. I love this place! It’s such a nice place to escape. You may recognize it from some of my other posts.


I thought we were done for the day but when we were waiting for the bus outside of trail, the sun was so lovely that I had to get a few more shots in.


That’s all for my profile focus project. Let me know what I should photograph next!

Get to know me!

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Hello! I decided to make a youtube video to do the get to know me tag. This blog has been pretty impersonal up until now and I want to change that!

Click the video to watch and feel free to subscribe!

Let me know if there are any other videos or tags that you would like to see me do 🙂

Birth Control and Sex Q&A!



Hello! I’m thinking of doing a Q&A about sex education.

Being a twenty-year old female I have gone through a few trial and errors and have done my own research on the topic. I would love to start a discussion with you guys!

Leave me questions in the comments or tweet me @Kaitlynabarrett.