What I eat in a day

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I’m always interested to see what other people eat in a day both for inspiration and recipes but also because it feels personal. We are what we eat after all. Seeing what someone eats in a day is a look a their routines, values, and methods for dealing with life. Most people have 100% healthy food diaries… I am not one of those people. I try to be but sometimes life gets in the way. Today I was in the peak of my period so I was less focused on health and more focused on what my body wants. Sometimes my nausea can stop me from having an appetite, so when I have one I tend to follow it.


I start every morning with a lemon water. I love the taste of lemon, so it is a good incentive for me to start my day with water in my body. I try to drink at least half of the glass by the time I eat and then I spend the rest of the morning sipping on it.


Most days I will eat oatmeal for breakfast because I really love the taste and texture. I add cinnamon, almonds, ground flax, and brown sugar or maple syrup. As much as I like oats, I can’t not sweeten it. However, I don’t add too much sweetener, I tend to add more cinnamon to compensate.


After breakfast I water my plants (some every two days, some once a week). I got a new plant this week, a rose bush! It’s so cute and was only $2.00. Also look at the progress on my succulent. It has grown so much! I am a proud plant mom.


After breakfast I had a lot of work to get done (midterms, work learn applications, and an essay), so I hopped on the computer for about 3 hours and got to work.


I started to get hungry again so I grabbed a bowl of berries. I usually do not have fresh berries on hand in the winter but they were on sale this week so I treated myself. I also filled up my water again- sans lemon.


After my break I worked a little more then realized that it was almost 1pm and decided to it the gym. After my workout I made a peanut butter and chocolate protein shake. I usually make one with chocolate protein powder and espresso but I decided to switch things up…. its was not a good decision, haha.


After the shake I was still pretty hungry so I toasted two slices of my homemade bread with some butter. I have been loving making my own bread lately. It takes so yummy and is a nice relaxing Sunday activity. 10/10 would recommend.


Tacos are a very common dinner meal in our house. They are quick to make and soo yummy. If there’s enough interest I may put up a taco recipe. For dinner we had chicken tacos with avocado and lettuce with baby carrots and mushrooms on the side. Very filling and fresh.


For dessert I was craving something sweet so I made some lemon tea and had some pieces of this dark chocolate. It hit the spot. I always crave chocolate on my period so I keep some around so that I don’t turn to the bad stuff.

If you like these types of posts, like the post and I will be sure to make more.


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