Our 4th Anniversary

about me


This year’s anniversary was so different from the others; we were living together in the same city. After so many years of long distance it has been amazing being able to spend our days together.


We decided to do something new and old on our anniversary to celebrate our new traditions and experience new things. We began the date at Robson square to go ice skating. We brought hot chocolate and snuggled together as the ice was zambonied.


On the ice we laughed and raced each other around the rink. It was a sunday so it was packed with small children, and we had to swerve around the rink. It was fun to do something active and fun. The chill was nice as we needed to cuddle every few rounds.


And is he cute or what???


After skating we decided to chase the sunset and found the highest access point to watch it. I broke out my camera and took a few shots.


After this we took a walk (we love taking walks together :P) and talked about our relationship. We then went to our favourite restaurant called the warehouse. The food is delicious and only 4.95. It may not seem like much, especially for an anniversary but it’s meaningful for us. The fact that we are able to have traditions together is so amazing and long awaited. Little things like this make me really happy.



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