Saying goodbye to 2016



This past Sunday was New Year’s eve and me and my boyfriend had decided to throw a new year’s eve party. We had cooked a ham, apple cider, many appetizers, and we had also decorated the apartment with silver streamers and tinsel and string lights. I had been planning this for a while. However, a few days before new year’s I got sick. I had hoped that I would be better by new year’s eve but it ended up being the peak of my sickness πŸ˜› Ironically, I didn’t even open this champagne bottle.


The place looked magical, and all we needed were our guests. However, the weather was not on our side. Not half an hour before people were suppose to show up it began to snow. To anyone who does not live in Vancouver snow may not seem bad, it may even seem magical. However, in Vancouver, snow stops EVERYTHING. Transit stops working, walk ways become ice rinks and the city shuts down. So naturally we began to panic. We had enough food to feed a dozen people and our friends may not even show up. Thankfully it worked out but half of our friends were unable to make it. We snuggled in, ate great food and watched big fat quiz of the year.


We even opened some Christmas crackers and everyone hung out wearing paper crowns.


For the countdown to the new year we all headed down to Kitsilano beach and tried to see the downtown fireworks. We had originally planned on seeing them downtown but with the snow transit seemed unreliable. I tried to get a picture of the fireworks but they only lasted 10 minutes and our view was obstructed. From there we headed to our friend’s house and we lit some fireworks along the way (leftover from halloween).


We also had some sparklers. πŸ™‚ I love sparklers.

On the walk over, I couldn’t help taking pictures of the snow in the moonlight. It was so beautiful .


2016 was a mix of good and bad for me. Maybe later I will reflect a bit more, but I’m just trying to enjoy the new year for now.


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