What I have been up to (Vancouver)


Hey, guys. This is my official re-cap of what I have been doing since I moved to Vancouver in September.


I began by visiting the latest exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery: Picasso and his Muses. It  was a great show. I specifically enjoyed the videos they played at the entrance to the exhibit that showed how he painted. He is very cheeky. While it was a nice exhibit, I am not sure that it (or any other exhibit) will compare to “Mashup”.


My favourite part of moving to Vancouver (besides the mountains) is that I have been able to spend more time with my boyfriend. After being long distance for two years, being able to wake up next to each other is so so nice. Okay, cheesiness over.


I’ve also been able to explore the outdoors. Vancouver is beautiful and has so much to offer. From sandy beaches to high mountains, to shining lakes. My goal is to see them all.


I have also had the opportunity to explore the cities around Vancouver. A highlight for me was visiting Whistler. I had been to Whistler 3 times before this trip, but this time we decided to explore the peak of the mountain. I must say, seeing snow in september is really cool. We had lots of fun frolicking in the snow. It was so magical.


I have always wanted a cat, but with the loss of my family’s cat this summer, the need has grown stronger. My boyfriend and I have the same feeling about cats, so for the past few months we have been going to dog parks, pet stores, and finally the cafte. The catfe is a cafe in Vancouver that has a cat room where you can hang out and pet cats for an hour. We obviously decided to go. It is so popular here that you often have to book a month in advance.

We made the mistake of looking at the cats online ahead of time, and absolutely fell in love with a cat named “Solomon”. He was perfect: beautiful colouring, calm, adorable, friendly. We wanted to spend the whole day with him. If we had a new place and more money, we would have adopted him in less than a heartbeat, but unfortunately, adoption is probably far in the future.


While I wish most of my days involved petting cats, realistically they are spent at school. The UBC campus is big and beautiful. The foliage brightens the surroundings and my mood. I really love it here, but I am not really enjoying my classes. I have made more friends than at UVIC, which is nice, but I am repeating classes that I took at UVIC so I am not feeling academically challenged or satisfied. I am just waiting for next year to begin… Jeez, I say that too much.

So that’s my life so far. I am in a much better mental state (thank goodness), I have a cool job (free starbucks, holla), and an amazing support system.

Stay tuned for more fashion, art and lifestyle posts. My idea wheels are spinning 🙂



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