Art Hunting



Well I am officially moved in to Vancouver, and official done with my hiatus. There have been many changes in my life: I started at a new school, cut my hair, got a job, and moved in with my boyfriend. However, today I will be talking about the amazing art that is hidden  in Vancouver, BC.

I missed the mural festival in Vancouver this summer, so when I got some free time (away from school work), my boyfriend and I decided to go exploring.


If you plan on looking at the murals, I would suggest looking at the map before or while you are out. We had the map with us and we still couldn’t find some of the pieces. It is worth it when you do find it. These large blocks of color liven up the grey skies of Vancouver.


Since being in an art focused field of study, I’ve found myself yearning for more art. I have a constant need to be inspired.


These pieces are what I wish I could accomplish. I am really struggling with my concept art piece for school. I don’t really understand concept art, I don’t enjoy concept art, and none of my ideas seem good enough. I want to well in my courses, but going from science to art is screwing with my brain. I’ve spent 2 years learning how to do well in one discipline, just to be thrown into another.



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