How to eat your veggies

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Most people have a hard time eating their vegetables; it is one of the most-searched health questions online. The problem is usually with eating whole vegetables, but it is so much easier when you incorporate them into a meal. Personally, I love vegetables, so I have half of my plate’s worth of veggies at dinner, but I also add them to my main meals. For example, I love adding spinach to mac’n cheese. Spinach has no taste, but so many nutrients. It works well with mac n’ cheese especially because the textures are very similar.

Here are some other examples:

Tacos: Tacos are my favourite because they seem unhealthy but if you make them yourself, they can be packed with veggies. I usually make tacos with chicken and a tomato base. Here is the recipe that I use:

I usually top them with lettuce and shredded carrots to add freshness.

Spaghetti sauce: This is the easiest meal to hide things in. I hardly ever buy tomato sauce from the store. I make mine with peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onion, carrot, and sometimes celery. The case of the sauce is the tomato with seasonings (basil, oregano, rosemary) and the veggies round out the flavour. Mine always tastes better with more vegetables.

Soup: This is probably an obvious one, but it is worth mentioning. Add all of your favourite vegetables to some broth and leave it to simmer on the stove. The longer the better. I usually use carrots, potatoes, celery, peas, and or other root vegetables. If you really want to hide the vegetables, puree the vegetables. It’s always a good idea to roast vegetables then puree and freeze them.

Chicken wrapped asparagus: I tried these from Costco once and was inspired to make my own. Just cut a chicken breast down the side, stuff in 2 asparagus stocks then tie with string and marinate. It’s a side dish and main meal in one.

The key to eating more vegetables to make food yourself and do your research. When I lived on my own for the first time, I was forced to try new vegetables and fruits and I learned how to incorporate them into my meals. Experiment with food and you might realize you actually like a certain vegetable, it was just never prepared the way you like it to be.

Comment below or like this post if you would like more ideas on how to make meals more healthy.





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