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I am about to enter my third year of university, so I thought that I would share a bit of my wisdom. This is going to be a new series on my blog, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be sure to answer them in another post.

I have lived both on campus and off campus and have found them to be different experiences so I made them into separate categories.

Off Campus:

-A laptop that is portable with good battery power: It is super handy to have a nice laptop. Certain classes require it, but it is nice to have especially for computer science courses. You can bring your problem to your professor instead of trying to describe it to them in class. It is also helpful if you have long breaks, so you can do homework, or watch netflix.

-Running shoes: If you take public transit, comfortable shoes that you can run in are a must. I had terrible luck with buses and ran at least once a day to catch them. Also, if you live off-campus you are less likely to be near things (aka: you will walk a lot). They are also essential if you are an active person.

-A strainer: I never knew I needed one until I didn’t have one. Pasta, beans, steamed veggies, you name it.

-Agenda: Because you are off-campus you are less likely to be reminded of events and due-dates, so a planner is helpful. I love planners because I don’t need to remembered important things; it’s all in a book.

-Good book: Speaking of books, I always have one on my person at university. There are so many times I have waited around while on my phone just because I was bored. When I started to read my book, I realized how much time I wasted doing nothing because I would finish a book in 2 weeks.

-Spices: Spices are constantly overlooked but they make such a difference in your meals. They can make the same meal taste different every night.

-Backpack/Re-usable bags: Grocery shopping is a pain if you take public transit, and the plastic bags you get are worse. Re-usable bags or a backpack ensure that your groceries won’t end up on the sidewalk. I also used my backpack for class. Sometimes I would have 8 hour days, and my backpack would be full. I can’t imagine not having one.

-Weather appropriate clothes: Living off campus means you will be walking a lot and you will be on campus with nowhere to go if the weather turns. Depending on where you live, you could have wind, rain, and sun on the same day. Being prepared is the biggest lesson I could teach you. Expect everything.


– A mini fridge: I hated res food and found the lack of fruit and vegetables disappointing so  I loved having a mini fridge. Every two weeks I would pick up milk, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, and hummus to keep in may dorm. This way if I had a late class or a late morning I still had food available.

-Bike: Depending on how large your campus is, a bike may or may not be a good idea. At UVIC I found it to not be worth it because I could get across the campus in 15 minutes but at UBC it takes much longer. Check out your campus beforehand to see how big the grounds are. If you do decide to bring one, get a bike locker. I have heard too many stories of bikes being stolen.

-Mattress cover: The mattresses have not been changed for years. Ew. A padded one is also  a plus as they can be uncomfortable.

– Hangers: Some universities provide hangers some don’t. I had about 10 provided but they were attached to the bar so I could not use them.

-Sturdy laundry hamper: Your laundry room might be down two flights of stairs and outside.. It happens.

-Slippers: The floors in residence buildings are disgusting and cold.


-Nice outfit: You never know when you will need it.

-Books and pencils: That’s it (unless otherwise stated). Most of the time, classes consist of taking notes. I only used one book for all of my classes but I had them separated by term. ALWAYS DATE YOUR NOTES.

-An open attitude: University won’t be fun unless you take full advantage of all opportunities offered to you.


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