Crazy Disappointment

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I leave for Vancouver in 2 weeks so I have been trying to fit an entire summer into that time. This weekend we traveled to Revelstoke to check out a tourist destination called “Crazy Creek”. The only thing that is true about that title is that there is a creek.

Let us begin by examining the insane prices. Now I understand that this is a tourist trap, and people have to make money, but this place is insanely expensive. There are two things to do at this attraction: their “hike” to a suspension bridge and their hot pools.

The hike is a 10 minute walk to a small suspension bridge that leads to a gift shop which has a crappy view of a waterfall. If this were free, I would not complain. However, it is not. It is over $9 to go to this bridge. HOW IS THIS WORTH THE $9?? I have no idea. But we payed it, because we are dumb.


We also had ice cream afterwards because my father and sister are afraid of heights, and felt like they deserved an award.

The second attraction, their hot pools were supposed to be hot springs but they were just tiny pools with chlorine. AND IT WAS THE SAME PRICE AS THE HIKE. At least we could spend a few hours there.

Over all it was a fun excuse to leave the house but WAY TOO expensive. Save the money and hike anywhere then go to a public pool basically the same thing.


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