Roadtrip: a photoset

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I needed a break last weekend, so my mother and I decided to take a road trip to a town an hour and a half from ours.


The whole trip was based on spontaneous actions with the sole goal to do a hike. On the way, we saw a winery that we had always wanted to check out but never had the time. We stopped in for a wine tasting then decided to wander through the orchard. They had a beautiful view, and the grapes were starting show their colour.


The winery had a barn with a cool wall so naturally we had a photoshoot. Around this point it started to rain and we could see a storm coming in. We did not lose hope of hiking.

We drove the parking lot of the hike and the sky opened up… It poured. We decided to head back.


On the way home we spotted a heritage village. It was cute but they had half of the town under construction. I had the terrible realization that heritage villages are fake. The buildings were probably built 10 years ago, they are just replicas.

This was a fun trip. I always love driving with my mom. Which is a good thing because I am moving to Vancouver soon! Updates on that will follow shortly.


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