Racing against time: OOTD

art, fashion, photography


Today I was inspired. My mother and I were sitting down on our phones relaxing when all of a sudden I realized what time it was: 8:15 pm. This meant that I only had 15 more minutes of golden light available to take photos. I had just bought a new dress, and I was loving it, so I wanted to make a post. I told my mom and we ran down to the park, ignoring how our shoes and hems were getting damp from the previous storm’s leftover dew. Little did I know that the camera battery was dying too. I frantically discarded my coat (it was cold outside), and threw the camera to my mom after adjusting the settings. We took a few photos and realized the sun was descending faster. Panic set in, we were both screaming. I’m honestly surprised we got any shots. It was a really nice moment, though. I hardly ever make spontaneous decisions, and while this was not a crazy one, it was a nice change of pace.

Dress: Old Navy

This dress is soo comfortable and flowy. I wore this all day and I did not want to take it off. The pattern reminds me of the ocean, and the fit makes me feel like I am at a ball.. honestly, it is magic. It is kind of heavy though, so it is not meant for hot days. Would 10/10 recommend.


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