A day in my life

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Hello! 🙂

Yesterday was my day off from work, so I decided to photograph my day! And I am so happy that I did because I had an awesome jam packed day.


Right after breakfast we headed to pick cherries! The weather was beautiful, which we were happy about because it has been so gross lately. We got quite a few buckets worth… pies are definitely in our future.


After that I came home and painted a bit. Unfortunately, it was so hot out that the paint dried way too fast :P. The project will have to wait until another day.


After that I relaxed, read some emails, and pet my cat! I feel like I haven’t had any kitty time in forever.

Computer time always makes me feel snack-y, so I decided to make some cranberry-lemon muffins, and some peanut butter chocolate cookies. They were so good that there are none left.




Then on a whim, we decided to go on a late night hike. We wanted to catch the sunset, but it was too cloudy. We ended up having fun anyways. After the hike we put on our pjs and watched the bachelorette. In all, it was a wonderful, tiring day.


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