Workout Essentials

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I don’t know why, but health has always been a topic on which I wished to know everything. Each person does it differently, and yet it is considered a specific thing. We post what we eat in a day, our workout routines, and our meditation rituals, giving the world a glimpse into how we treat ourselves. So today I have decided to give you guys a glimpse into my health regimen.

I usually bring the same things with me to the gym (or wherever I have chosen to work out).


Let’s start with shoes. Up until last month I was using really old adidas runners that did not really fit well. This is because runners are expensive, and I am broke. I finally decided to invest in myself and bought some black nikes. They are SOOO nice. I completely understand if you don’t workout in fancy shoes, though. While shoes are an important part of any workout, most of the time, you are paying for style.

You can find these shoes here


Next, the outfit. Most people like to workout in leggings. I, however, detest the feeling of sweat on my body so I tend to lean towards light and airy clothes. When it comes to the outfit, I don’t care about my shirts, but I try to invest in a sports bra. I love Victoria’s Secret bras. Their bras offer incredible support and they are super cute too. This is the best bra I have ever worn, I swear. It is perfect for high impact workouts, like running. As far as shorts go, I love Lululemon. They are extremely comfortable, they last a long time and super airy; definitely an investment piece.

Find the Bra here(Pst it’s on sale too!)

Find the shorts here


I always carry these three items. If I go to the gym without my water or earphones (which has happened), it’s a bad time. Music is one of my biggest motivators when I workout. The right playlist makes such a difference. These headphones are the normal apple headphones but they are the only ones that don’t fall out of my ears :P. I carry a ball cap with me whenever I workout outside because it protects from the sun and acts like a blinder to improve my focus.


After a workout I am generally disgustingly sweaty and starving. So I always make sure I have some way to wash my face. For snacks, I usually pack some nuts, seeds, a granola bar, or a piece of fruit. I make sure I have sugar to replenish my energy and protein.

Being prepared is the first step to working out, so I hope I inspired you in some way!

Feel free to leave what your workout essentials are below, as well as any recommended workout tracks! I’m always looking for new things!


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