Review: Cauliflower wings

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I have been wanting to try this recipe for quite a while now, and now that I have… let’s just say I have some tips.

The recipe I used can be found here:

(I love Hot For Food. Every time I watch one of their videos I drool and feel inspired to cook. )

Now onto the recipe. I will start by saying that if they are cooked correctly, I believe they could be amazing. They have such a realistic taste, texture, feel, and look to wings. I bet you could fool any meat eater if you made these.

My first tip: USE PARCHMENT PAPER. I accidentally used wax paper which was a TERRIBLE idea. I ended up having to transfer the wings and in the process I lost a lot of the dough. This made the salt and vinegar wings less “wing-like”. The buffalo wings were not ruined, because the sauce kept them moist.

My next tip: On the topic of the buffalo sauce. DO NOT use only hot sauce (like in the recipe) if you don’t like heat. I ended up using too much hot sauce and it was a bad idea.

My last tip: Watch the oven. I think my oven was hotter than they suggested so they ended up burning a bit. If you keep an eye on the wings though, you should be fine.

In all, this recipe is definitely one that I will try again!




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