I want to travel the world

about me


I want to travel the world. It’s an itch that sticks around, getting more intense every few weeks. I want to run through rainforests, climb bell towers, jump off of mountains, see famous art, taste new food, and hike big mountains. But it is an itch that I cannot scratch. The realities of adulthood have been weighing me down. I have no money, I can’t leave my job, I have to finish my degree. Travelling would derail the pattern..So far adulthood sucks and I want to get away from it.

Lately I have been feeling like I am following the unwritten path. Each step I have taken is what I am “suppose to be doing” because I do not know what else to do. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward five years so I could skip this waiting stage; waiting to finish my degree, waiting to find a permanent job, waiting to get married. Maybe this waiting stage has more to offer me, but I do not know what it is yet. If only life came with a manual.

I think I am going to write a goal list tonight. I need to get my life on track.


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