Life Update- In Limbo

about me

I feel like I have been in a limbo state. Everything has been so hard to plan because I am not at UVIC or UBC yet, I don’t know where I’m working, and I don’t know if I am staying at home or moving to Vancouver. In the past week I have gone to Vancouver twice. My friends text me to hang out and I can’t give them a straight answer, because I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow. I’m really excited for this next stage in my life, but I am also really impatient. I just want to get started.

While I was in Vancouver I talked to an academic advisor at UBC. I came in with so many questions and I got most of the answers I wanted. I am now an art history major (which I can change next spring), and I have a course schedule organized. Unfortunately my writing requirement appeal was denied, which I am still mad about..This means that I will have to take an extra semester at school, and will not be graduating in 2 years but in 2 and a half. I just need to keep reminding myself that university is not a race. It certainly feels like it at times.

Speaking of racing, I have not been keeping up with my workouts… GAHHHH It makes me so frustrated because I know that they would bring my stress down, but I have not had the time. With all of this travel, no sleep, no real meals, stress, and timelines, working out has been impossible. I know that I should not beat myself up for not working out, because it’s okay to take a break sometimes, but I was doing so well. Once I am finally settled, fitness will become an easier goal.

So that’s my life right now: a lot of waiting, and a lot of change. I can’t wait to settle down this summer.


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