East Sooke Park


This hike was so challenging but so beautiful! It was 3 hours in total, and we only went to mount. maguire. It was so interesting to see the different ecosystems at different elevations.The first third was  rainforest. So gorgeous! Made me think that I was in south america! The second part was a classic coastal forest environment. Lots of moss, but less underbrush. The third part reminds me of the hikes in the Okanagan. A lot more dry, and more sparse than the other sections. These diverse environments made me curious the whole 3 hours, and prevented boredom.

There is a tough section in the middle where it is a constant of steep uphill and downhill hiking. Once you get past this though, there is only a small hike to the view point. Be careful in this section as a large part of the path is smooth rock face. Injuries occurred, haha.

Overall rating: 10/10 for beauty (AND SLUG FRIENDS- SOO MANYY)

7/10 for difficulty. I have definitely done worse, but it is really hard on the knees, with all of the steep sections. No view of the vantage point for most of it, so easy to lose hope.


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