My entire second year at UVic, I have struggled to find hiking trails. I do not own a car, so it is inconvenient for me to hike most of the known trails in my area. Whenever I do want to hike, I need to take multiple buses for over an hour and then walk for another half hour just to reach the base of the trail. Complicated, right?

Well, on one of my walks the other day I discovered a hiking trail just 5 minutes from my house! I had never ventured in the are before because it is surrounded by private roads, but by taking a risk I discovered a gem.

This hike is so beautiful. It reminds me of the mountains back home mixed with the forests of the island. There are stone steps surrounded by purple flowers, and bumblebees, and fields perfect for picnicking. The best part is that there are three peaks. So much to explore.

I am sad that I did not find this sooner, as I leave Victoria in a few days. But it has given me something to enjoy while I reminisce on my time here.

I encourage you all to explore your neighbourhoods. Too often I see people who do not know the area in which they live. How will you know there is not something magical waiting for you?



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