Roped In- short story



He sat in his harness breathing hard. This was his last chance. He had already attempted this trick four times over, and he only had five tries total. He looked at his audience. They were all at the edge of their seat, sweating as much as he; they all knew what lay on the line. He closed his eyes and imagined the trick once more. It was simple really, but the pressure of the game was too much. His training had failed him.

No. He could do this. His heart rate slowed and his breathing became controlled. The audience felt the change in atmosphere and smiled. He raised his head to look once more at the rope, then closed his eyes. He let his body take over. His hand reached out for the rope, pulling his body up. Then followed his legs, until he was flat with the line. He swung his body and suddenly he was on top of the rope. He breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. The first part was over.

He had managed to get onto the rope, but would he be able to stay?

He contracted his abdominals and put trust in the rope holding him up. One by one, he crossed his legs. Until finally, the position was set. He laughed. He had done it. It took him all five tries, but he made the move. He relaxed his body and let himself swing on the rope.

His session was done.


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