Filtered identities

#Projects, about me, photography, university


Yay! My project is done! I have finally presented my project at the showcase and I can’t wait to move on to my next project.

I have posted the artist statement below:

Throughout my life, I have been interested in photography. I began my exploration by photographing my family, and while doing so, I encountered an interesting phenomenon. Each time I tried to take a photo, they would either hide their face, or put on a different emotion (silly/happy) than before. I was intrigued by this need for protection from the camera

I decided to approach this topic by first taking photos of the subjects without their knowledge, then I told them what I was doing. Immediately, they began wringing their hands, trying to cover their face, laughing, or making a silly face. I decided to make the “after” pictures black and white to symbolize the filter we put on ourselves when we know others will see us. We like to control what is broadcasted about us on the internet, including our appearance and personality.

This project was really interesting to me, and I wish to explore this concept further. With more time, I would be able to create organic situations where the subject is truly unaware of the camera.


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