Mt. Doug Adventure

fitness, health

I find it sad to say that I finally went on my first hike of the year. While it IS winter here on the coast, there is no snow to be seen, so I could have hiked if I wanted to. It has been raining non-stop these past few weeks, but the sunshine is finally start to come in. This past week has been gorgeous. If the weather keeps us, there will definitely be more hiking in the future.

Ian and I had hiked this trail before, but this time we decided to come up the ocean side of the mountain and to hike on the black diamond trail. We were a tad apprehensive, but we love a challenge so we decided to switch it up. I am so glad that we did. The trail was beautiful and had so many secret spots and views. My butt hurt the next day because we were literally climbing on the rock face. I found this hike so rewarding and fun. The 360 view doesn’t hurt either.

If anyone is in Victoria, I would strongly suggest the black diamond trail on Mt.Doug.


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