Whistler Adventures



This reading break, I jumped across the ocean to the misty mountains of Whistler. I made sure to bring my camera with me this time, so more pictures will be up next post.

Whistler was the break I needed. While the semester started only a month ago, it has felt like an eternity. Winters are a hard time for everyone. Our moods are low, the sun is nonexistent, and we are coming off of the christmas high. I got to let my stress, anxiety, and poor mood go.

On the first full day, we went skating in the village, got hot chocolate, then had our own movie night with cider and snacks. This is the night we realized we were obsessed with peanuts. The next day we walked the Valley trail that follows the Trans Canada Railway. That night (after a long nap), we saw the famous “Fire and Ice show”. It’s a show where skiers jump through a lit hoop, while fire dancers perform around them. It was quite elaborate.

My favourite part about whistler is the atmosphere. Everything is very relaxed. Because there is not much to do (if you do not ski), it forces you to get in touch with nature or to sit down and finally finish your book.


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