Must-hike Vancouver Trails



Most people create goal lists at the beginning of a new year. I, however, decided to be different. I love the outdoors. It makes me happy, I lessens my stress, and it puts life in perspective. For the past few years I have been writing down all of the hikes I want to accomplish and this year I have a full list.

  1. Garibaldi Park- overnight, 32 km                                                                                      This is the main hike. All of the little ones are my training 😛 SOOO EXCITED. I have been wanting to hike this for years.
  2. Capilano Pacific Trail -4 hours, 15 km
  3. Lions Binkert Trail- 8 hours, 16 km
  4. Dog Mountain- 2 hours, 5 km?
  5. St.Mark’s Summit- 5 hours, 1 km
  6. Wedgemount Lake- 7 hours, 14 km
  7. Golden Ears- 12 hours, 24 km
  8. Goldstream Park- 4 hours, 8.5 km. Only one in Victoria, BC.

*They are all situated around Vancouver because I do not have the money to travel



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