19 things



My birthday was this week so I thought that it would be fun to think of 19 things that I have learned in my 19 years.

  1. Treat your body right. Sleep well and drink water. It helps your skin, mind, and body.
  2. Baths solve everything. All of my stress and worry melt away in the bath.
  3. Nothing is set in stone. If something in your life isn’t in line with your plans for the future, or if your plans for the future change, it’s okay. I am in my second year of university and I have completely changed my plans for the future. It’s definitely going to be hard for a while but the outcome is exciting and so worth it.
  4. Change your sheets. Seriously, it’s gross you guys. And there’s nothing better than sleeping in clean sheets after a shower.
  5. It’s amazing what a clean room and some yoga can do for the mind. Clean room, clean mind.
  6. You will use a colander for everything- buy one. It was the first thing we realized that we needed when we moved.
  7. Doing a little is better than doing nothing. This applies to starting a new routine, getting homework done, working out, or even mental health. When I’m depressed it feels impossible to do normal things but you may feel better by even doing a little, like folding laundry.
  8. Don’t be a sheep. I’ve learned that your unique traits and drives are what count; for jobs, schools, friends, etc.
  9. Wait until you have the whole story before forming judgment. You don’t want to look like an idiot for being wrong, and there are quite often 2 or more sides to any story. 
  10. Try not to wear too much makeup. The more you wear it the more you need it.
  11. Don’t hold things in. Bottled up emotions alwasy come out at the worst times, and never come out the way you plan. It can lead to miscommunications and one tiny argument or issue can blow up into something larger when it doesn’t need to.
  12. Don’t get caught up in the birthday hype.  My birthday is near christmas, and I have hated it since I was little. Nobody is ever able to show up, or they forget entirely. I always end up sad and disppointed. Birthday presents and greetings are representative of that persons love for you, so when they are lacking, ones self-esteem naturally declines. I’ve learned that this is wrong. A birthday is just a birthday.
  13. Long distance CAN work. All my life I have heard that long distance relationships are doomed, so when I entered one I was really scared. But fear not, it is possible. It’s hard but definitely worth it if you love the person.
  14. Not all friendships are forever and that’s okay. I have lost 2 major friends in my life and I was devastated both times. I thought that my life would never be the same. But I healed and now I’m happier. I needed to grieve the loss to see that I am better off without them.
  15. RINSE YOUR DISHES. Seriously. It makes washing them later so much easier and it takes 5 seconds.
  16. Stand your ground. I have become more confident and less stressed by standing my ground on my beliefs and actions (as long as they don’t hurt anyone). People will respect you for it, and those that don’t are not worth your time.
  17. Your parents are amazing. They have probably been through more than you know, and have carried you through life. Go hug them (if you can).
  18. You don’t have to follow the plan. If you don’t want to follow the plan we are assigned at birth, that’s okay, and you should not let any one tell you other wise. You are not required to get married, or have a baby, or even buy a house. We all think differently so why are we all expected to follow the same path.
  19. Know what to fight for, and what isn’t worth the fight. Some things are not worth the energy or time it takes to argue, and will only end up causing harm.

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