A Fitness Update



Throughout my life I have been fairly active and fit. I played sports, walked everywhere, biked, and hiked. It helps living in such a beautiful province. But it was not until this year that I started to put such an emphasis on my health. My family may make fun of me, but I feel so much better when I treat my body right.

This year has involved a lot of experimentation. In the winter I tried at-home workouts, in the spring I tried running, in the summer I tried yoga and this past fall and winter I have fallen in love with weight lifting. I still continue to do yoga, because it really does help with stress and focus. Lifting makes me feel confident, energized, less sweaty (cardio is the devil), and stronger. Seeing the results of your gym visits is great motivation to continue.

I have also been focusing on what I eat, not by restricting or counting macros, but by making better choices. I have been listening to my body. When I eat animal products my body feels sluggish, and it does not do well for digestion. So, I have tried to cut out dairy and lower my meat consumption. I have been lactose intolerant for many years so dairy isn’t too hard. The only times when I do eat meat or dairy is, when I am at home, or at a restaurant with no other options. This “diet” is not that hard for me because I genuinely LOVE fruits and vegetables.

This year’s goal was to make decisions based on happiness, and this is one of the steps I have been taking to achieve it.


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