Reflecting on My Adolescence



After a month of stress I was finally able to fly back home. I was greeted by the comfort of home, but not as a child, as an adult. My nineteenth birthday is this Sunday so I have to spend this week preparing myself for adulthood. The day I got home I had to fill out an insurance form and book a dozen appointments. I also have to pass my driver’s test to get my full license. While this is all exciting, it is also stressful. I have technically been on my own since starting university, but it seems that turning nineteen carries more responsibilities.

As a kid, I dreamed of being an adult. I wanted my period early on, I wanted boobs, I wanted my own place, I wanted to have a fancy job. It’s a cliche, but I have definitely learned that you need to fully experience and treasure what you have before it’s gone. Before work becomes your life. While I wish I could have a job that doesn’t feel like a job, that is just not possible without first doing the jobs you hate. In this world you need experience to gain experience.




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