My Future

about me

While in Vancouver I visited the Emily Carr University on Granville island. I was visiting because I have recently decided to completely change my field of study. Before now I was working towards a degree in psychology. I have found (in my 2 years at university) that while I find psychology interesting, it is not a field in which I see myself in 5 years.

I don’t know if I am the only person who does this, but sometimes before I go to bed I visualize what I want my future to be. And while the image hasn’t changed, I never realized that my future didn’t match my current path. I imaged myself in a big city working in a form of (print) media- like at a magazine. So I have decided to make this drastic change to major in creative design in advertising… Which is not offered at my school.

When I say drastic, I mean drastic. I will probably have to move to Vancouver and enroll in a new university. This process is long and tiresome. It’s like being in grade 12 again, I have to to think of who can give me letters of recommendation, I have to create a portfolio, I have to apply for scholarships, do university tours, figure out which of my credits will transfer, research degrees that are offered, and find a new place to live. Also side note: DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ARTS SCHOOLS COST?? A LOT.

But I have a feeling this will work out in the end. I am finally working towards happiness. And Happiness is great.


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